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The Internet Didn't Do It.

Ameni. We hope all is well for you today and beyond.

This topic (and ironically, we're sharing this ON the internet) is something that needs to be said, and is something that we need to remember as we're in this technological age: The internet didn't cause any of the things that is happening today. Humans did. Humans invented things and put them on the internet. Humans have thoughts and put them on the internet. Humans have businesses, Art and life updates that they then share on the internet. The internet itself didn't make any of these things, nor did it create itself. It was created, but what's funny is it's also a part of the creation (a rabbit hole for later...)

Besides the point.

Let's be real: YES... the internet is a powerful tool. YES... the internet is the main medium today that is used for the majority of what we do. YES... There are an infinite number of ideas, videos, opinions and knowledge ("good" or "bad") that we can find on the internet. and YES... it is designed to keep you in a certain mindstate (depending on who you ask).


None of the things you see on the internet matter unless it appears in your physical after or until you think about it long enough to make it real. The internet isn't making you brag and boast to others about your new car or house. The internet isn't making you share violent or vulgar content. The internet isn't making you share memes all day. The internet isn't making you binge videos on Instagram. The internet isn't sharing all of your business.

You Are. The Internet is neutral. Are you?

In one of our YouTube videos (the link for that is below) we talked about the "Splitting of Worlds" i.e. being in a man-made technology based environment vs being in a natural one. This is part of that splitting; realizing we are not being controlled by anything, but that in reality we are the controller of things. We dictate our life. We decide whether to indulge in a thought or desire, and are responsible for that consequence. We are all learning how to not place AS MUCH weight on the external because the outer results reflect the inner work.

Exhibit A? The algorithm. Social media platforms only perform and show you ads and content based on what YOU like... not what the internet likes. Are there agendas? Of course. Does your block and mute buttons work? Definitely. Does you lock screen button work? Absolutely. So who's really in control? Don't like the music? Find some new music. Don't know how to do that yet? Learn it online. The solutions are always available. Are you looking for them?

The Internet Isn't The Cause of your problems. You Are. So fix them.

Meditate on this today. Ameni.

"The Splitting of Worlds" video:

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