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What is Love? (A Thought)

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Ameni. I hope all is well for you as we move into and beyond this Lions Gate portal. Today I wanted to talk about what Love is (from my perspective) and at the very least begin to have some clarity around the subject. The intention of this blog is to start a train of thought for the reader that discusses Love with a progressive intention, rather than trying to "solve" Love. Enough people are trying to do that, and this platform is about sharing TRUTH, not opinion.

I see that Love is attributed to many things, that people assign Love a particular place in their lives. Perception is Everything, and people's view on Love is (and will always be) based on their experiences. For example:

Many people associate Love with an intense feeling of bliss and joy. Many healers and gurus have experienced what they call "The Love of God," an intense connection and feeling of care from a force that is sometimes akin to a parent, a Divine Father or Universal Mother. There is a profound Truth to be had here.

One man I met says that "there is nothing like a Mother's Love," and that all other forms and expressions should be based on this as the barometer, as the scale. I have my own thoughts, but I do like this idea in relation to many others that are shared today, as our Mother is our first nurturer, and has a deep care unlike many we may meet in our lifetime.

Some would say Love is loyalty, sticking by someone no matter what happens or what they do. Being there for the good, the bad, and the ugly. No matter what you see or what is said, sticking by them to the end.

Another may say that Love is an action, a verb; that if you aren't doing anything to show that you care for someone, then you don't truly Love them. The "thought" or intention doesn't matter if you don't do something about it. While I understand this, it can be a bit limiting and self-serving.

Others may translate Love as Respect; whether because of their position, what they do, or what they provide/contribute to a relationship; the concept of presence itself. Very interesting.

Yet another person may say that Love is correction, that to Love someone means to help them be the best version of themselves. This can come with being stern, and even making someone mad if they are not ready to handle the correction.

For this writer, Love, Knowledge and Truth are synonymous. They are all limitless, come in many forms, and are present within one another. Without Love, you cannot have Truth or Knowledge (which can also be called awareness or experience itself). You cannot have Truth without Knowledge and Love, and You cannot Know without Love and Truth present. Although clearly used in different contexts, I personally see the correlation and symbiosis between these things.

These examples can go on and on and on. But in reality.... none of the above examples, or any that have been or are currently being shared in the online space are correct. And as beautiful as some may express it via Art, it is unlikely that the human mind will ever properly conceptualize Love, though not impossible.

The Truth is.... Love is unexplainable. You just know. It just IS. You cannot define, confine or Limit Love. You cannot put it in a box, attempt to explain it, or have a "final answer" when it comes to Love.

Love comes from the Creator of the Balanced Universe, and IS the Creator itself, made manifest through this idea we call Love. The unwavering connection that binds us all, in All of its limitless forms and endless ways of expression. The force that births children, movements and nations. The power that creates Art that inspires and what many men will kill and destroy for, whether for others or for themselves.

The only way to truly know anything is to experience it, and all who have been in Love, or have any wisdom know this to be a fact.

This is truly just a thought piece to make you reflect on your ideas of Love, and to help you become more open to the ways it expresses itself to our faculties, but I can only properly end this with one of my favorite quotes:

"The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding."

Meditate on this today. Ameni

*as a bonus, I would like to share an audio on Love I heard on SoundCloud that always inspires me when it comes to this subject. May it help you understand and experience Love yourself.

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